1 – 8 August – The unbelievable beauty of the Serengeti

We have very few words to describe the absolute beauty of the Serengeti, none of our words could do it justice. There is an abudence of game, from the thousands of wildebeest that roam the Serengeti, the cat family, the birds, the ellies, giraffe, zebra, vultures, crocs, hippo, etc. etc.

We booked our trip about 8 months ago as our friends, the Munnicks and Smiths said if you go you have to contact Carel and Sally which we did. Carel and Sally have set up their own mobile camp called the Great Migration Camps, what a wonderful team, Carel with his absolute passion for wildlife and years and years of knowledge(he’s actually a wildebeest whisperer, we decided as we saw 5 crossings in 7 days), Sally for her attention to detail, planning, kindness always making sure we were all happy, their unbelievable staff who we all loved, Amani our driver who also has an extensive knowledge of wildlife and knew exactly when to Vuka Vuka (get us to the crossing quickly and at the exact right position) plus knew the best lunch and tea spots, Zebeder our camp manager who woke us up every morning with a warm jug of water, a large smile and ran the camp like a pro, last but not least Herman our cook who fed us for 8 days with 5 star meals and makes the best samosas in the World.

We also had the best travel buddies, the Gie’s of course and their lovely daughter Emma joined us and enlightened us about Pop Culture. Johnathan and Cheryl Davis, Johnathan was given the trip for his 70th birthday by his kids and friends as it was his dream to come to the Serengeti. What fun we had with the two of them, they kept us entertained for hours with their good humour, lots of giggling from their tent every night, Johnathan lost almost everything except his marbles and sense of humour and Cheryl with her cheerful disposition managed to find everything for him. Whenever I eat chickpea’s or couscous again in my life I shall be reminded of these 2 wonderful people.


As the migration was a bucket list item for us, it certainly did not disappoint, it is very difficult to explain the emotion that I felt, I what’s upped my friend Karen as she has seen the migration and she had the perfect description for it: it’s primal, heartbreaking and mesmerising all at the same time. The BBC’s and CNN’s of this World really dramatise the crossings with fat crocs, vultures etc, I however found it less hectic and far more natural, there were mothers and calves separated but the mothers gently guided their young through the river and if the didn’t make it across they swam back to fetch them, a few broken legs and one wildie got stuck with his leg in the rocks and he would have been taken later by crocs. The hippo’s were often nearby as a natural barrier to keep the crocs away.

After 8 amazing days it was time to say goodbye to the Gie’s as they head back home, boy are we going to miss them. Travel safely and we will see you at Christmas time.

We now safely back in Arusha at the Outpost Lodge, shopping tomorrow and then we head off to the Ngorongoro Crater.



10 thoughts on “1 – 8 August – The unbelievable beauty of the Serengeti

  1. My goodness Sally, how unbelievably lucky are we to have these most amazing experiences. Serengeti is also on my bucket list so when I finally get around to it, I will get you to plan it for me. Love to you both. XX


  2. Incredible…. Absolutely incredible! What an amazing experience. Your photo’s say it all, they are World Class. How are you two going to settle back into city life ever again… Love seeing you both so happy. Wishing you many, many more incredible wildlife encounters, and amazing travelling friends. Safe travels Sals and Pete xxx


    1. You have to do it Gilly, you would love it and Carel and Sally are real pro’s, their camp is just what we like, simple but with everything you need. xxx


  3. Isn’t it just the most incredible experience, Sal. Carel and Sally are such fun to be around and so knowledgeable too! It’s a life changing experience, the sounds of the mothers and calves looking for each other after the crossing, still haunts me! Especially the high pitched Zebra calls. There’s an unbelievable energy in the air, you really can feel it.
    Enjoy the crater, we had an amazing time there too. Love following your blog, keep writing xx


    1. Glad you enjoying the blog Janet, the toughest part of a trip like this is missing your kids, my Mom, family and friends but it is lovely to have this freedom just for a little while :). Unless someone has seen the migration it is difficult to explain the experience.


  4. Wow! What an incredible experience! I am so jealous but so happy that you are having the most amazing trip! Love your photos and your blog. Lots of love to both of you


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